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tv   Newsline  PBS  October 2, 2012 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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samsung strikes back. the south korean electronics maker adds the iphone 5 to its patent battle with apple. samsung electronics is upping the ante in the on going legal war with apple. the south korean and u.s. technology giants have been fighting each other in the courts over technology for
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smartphones and other mobile devices. the people at samsung say they added iphone 5, apple's iphone 5 to a patent infringement lawsuit. samsung alleges the latest smartphone violates eight of its patents. the claim targets technologies for displays data and storing photos. lawyers for samsung say they will exclude patents on the high speed wireless communications protocol known as lte. samsung has an edge in this technology. samsung received a green light from a u.s. district court in california in another case. the company can resume sales of its tablet device the galaxy 10.1 in the u.s. market. the court decided in june to temporarily ban sales. it lifted the injunction after a separate lawsuit in august found this particular tablet did not infringe on apple patents. in other news ahmadinejad blamed the enemies of iran for
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the fall of its currency. u.s. and european leaders imposed sanctions in july to encourage them to abandon the nuclear missions. >> translator: sanctions are used as a psychological war waged by the enemies. we will not bow to western pressure. >> ahmadinejad said he is confident iran will get past the crisis. he said the country has enough hard currency. he defended himself against accusations from the speaker of the iranian parliament. ahmadinejad said the responsibility does not lie with the government. he called on his conservative rival to stand together against the u.s. and europe. conservative politicians are fighting for power. anians will go to the polls xt je tolect a successor to ahmadinejad. the sanctions include a ban on the purchase of u rain you mean oil and that is hurting many businesses.
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how is it affects business people. >> western leaders are saying the sanctions are affecting the daily lives of the people in and outside of iran and iranians are finding imports more and more expensive and the reel's fall has hurt businesses abroad. in iranian businesses trade through the united arab emirates. 400,000 live in the largest city dubai and they shep daily commodities home across the parisian golf and many are going to banks to exchange the reals for dollars and some money changers have stopped accepting the currency. one trader says he will have to stop exporting to iran. a spokesperson for the iranian chamber of commerce says businesses in dubai with getting one third of previous prices. >> they are not getting any money out of iran for the goods that they are sending. they stop sending goods.
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therefore they have to reduce their businesses. >> he says the real's continued fall seems inevitable. japan may not expand a currency swap agreement with south korea as tension mounts between the two countries. that's if south korea does not make a request. the deadline for deciding on an extension comes at the end of this month. an official of japan's finance ministry said at this point no requests for the extension of the currency arrangement has come from south korea. the two nations raised the amount from $13 billion to 70 billion last october. the deal was set to prevent a decline in south korea's currency extending from the european debt crisis. the official explained expansion was originally in response to a request by south korea. in august japan's then finance minister said the country may not expand the currency swap agreement. this came after the south korean president visited to the tak
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seem aislands in the sea of japan. a check on the markets. u.s. stock prices had another mixed session. the dow ended the day .24% lower to 13,482 on concerns about upcoming earning reports. the tech heavy nasdaq rose .21% to 3,122 to rather 3,120 after getting a boost from apple shares. to see how stocks are trading this wednesday here in tokyo we go to ra minimum at the stock exchange. with china markets remaining closed looks like most of the cues will be from the u.s. how are stocks in tokyo. >> a little mixed signals from the u.s. in the last couple of sessions there and all of it based also a little bit of hesitation as we have got upcoming earnings coming out of the u.s. and also some uncertainties about a possible bailout for spain which is all playing into the markets as well. let's have a look at how all of
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that is playing into the opening levels for the nikkei and the topix for wednesday, october 3rd, 8778, down a touch for the nikkei and 730 for the topix and 729 right now and down just a touch from the topix as well. let's not forget the nikkei ended lower for a third day in a row but lower than average volume and so far largely because the china markets have been closed or will be closed for a large part of this week for public holidays. domestic issues have come into play, however. we have been tracking telecom, retail, as well as utility stocks which have come in for a little bit more activity, yuko, than usual because some investors are taking up opportunities to b up some of these stocks which have actually less exposure to global events as well as currency moves. having said that, we still have seen a lot of china related shares making some big moves
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despite the fact that china markets have been closed. i am talking about the shanghai composite and the hen seng largely. questions about spain's bailout package has been playing through the markets. will they get it or will they not? however, that has given the euro a bit of a boost and that's of course given a bit of a boost fove sensitive japanese stocks. let's have a look at some of the currency levels as well as we kick off the tokyo stock trading session. currency moves of course making a big play for stocks. on top of the screen there $78.21-22 yen and the euro enalmost 101 so the euro getting a bit of a boost there and we should see japanese exporters getting a bit of a boost there. 100.98 to 101 on the offer side euro/yen. >> seems we're seeing strong sales figures for japanese auto makers in the u.s. as well.
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>> exactly. beginning of every month we get auto sales figures and the likes of toyota was up 42%, honda up 31%. nissan lagged a little bit, but its trucks and suvs, the sales up 12%. trucks and suvs pretty popular in the u.s. interesting point also for japanese auto makers, the u.s. counterpart sales figures were largely unchanged for the same period, so quite a boost there for japanese auto makers. we'll watch all the price action for those auto makers as well as other sectors. for now the nikkei and the topix just marginally in the negative. back to you. >> thanks so much, ramin at the tokyo stock exchange. that is all for now. i will leave you with the market figures.
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hong kong police say that human error may have caused a collision of two boats that killed 38 people. a ship carrying more than 120 passengers collided with a ferry off hong kong's lamma island on monday. the passengers were on their way to see fireworks on china's national day. authorities confirmed 38 deaths, more than 90 taken to the hospital. police say seven crew members were arrested the following day. they're questioning the ship's captain. they say few boats were operating in the area at the time of the accident. >> we have come to the suspicion
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that the crew responsible foremaning the two vessels has not exercised the care required of them by law to ensure the safety of the vessel that they are navigating as well as the people on board their vessels. >> the hong kong government has set up a special panel to speed up the investigation. the philippines and vietnam have appealed to the international community for a peaceful and legal resolution to the south china sea issue. china wasn't mentioned by name in their speeches to the u.n. general assembly. even so, both countries were clearly calling for support as they resist thepreading influence of asia's rising power. the secretary of foreign affairs rosario urged the countries to quickly agree on a legally binding code of conduct to ease tensions. >> to address this challenge and arrive at a resolution, we must rely on the rule of law and not the force of arms.
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we must rely on the body of rules that state that disputes must be resolved peacefully. >> vietnam's deputy minister of foreign affairs resisted china's demands that the disputes be resolved through bilateral negotiations and called on the countries to work together. >> we should recognize the increasingly important role of reaching the organizations. in east asia the association of southeast asian nations asan continues to play a central role in the regional architecture and promotes peace, stability, and security in the region. including the security in the south china sea. >> an important meeting in july broke up without a joint communication. the group failed to agree on how some member nations should resolve their disputes with china. cambodia's position was apparently influenced by the
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close economic relationship with china. insurgents in afghanistan are successfully undermining trust between international forces and their afghan colleagues. that stark admission by nato secretary general a surge of inside era being at thatting in the war torn country and he has pledged to do everythg possible to rebuild relations between the supposed allies. more than 50 soldiers from the nato led coalition have been killed so far this year by members of the afghan army or police or people wearing their uniforms. on saturday five people died when us and afghan soldiers exchanged fire in the eastern province of nordag. details are unclear but it is thought u.s. gun soldiers started the gun fight when they mistakenly believed they were under fire from afghan troops and fogh pledged action to stop
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insider attacks. >> this strategy aims at undermining trust and confidence and to a certain degree also has succeeded in that and this is the reason why we have taken and will continue to take preventive measures to avoid such insider attacks. >> he says nato will tighten recruitment procedures for afghan soldiers and gather better intelligence on insurgents. he stressed there would be no change to withdrawal plans. >> finally, in 2014 the combat mission will end and the afghans will take full responsibility and we will continue a training mission. >> he will host a meeting of nato defense ministers in brussels next week. necessity will likely discuss the nato mission and afghanistan beyond 2014 when combat operations are scheduled to end. japan's defense minister says full scale operations of the osprey aircraft have been
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delayed. parts need to be replaced. 12 tilled rotor ospreys arrived as a u.s. air base in western japan in july for a temporary stay. six were flown to the air station in okinawa on monday. three more followed the next day. he told reporters that u.s. officials said two of the three ospreys require maintenance that includes replacing certain parts. >> translator: if an aircraft needs replacement parts, it usually means there is some problem with them. >> he says he does not believe the u.s. has a clear time tiebl or making the ospreys a fully operational unit. the u.s. military says they hope to start full operations within this month. a vehicle named curiosity has been satisfying our curiosity ever since it landed on mars.
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nasa's rover transmitted pictures, even sound since it landed two months ago and the people at the space agenc are aiming even higher. they want to send a manned mission to the red planet by 2030, and david hirsh has more on that. >> reporter: the team designing the next generation of vehicles to drive on mars is using a not so secret technology, plastic blocks. researchers work with the blocks to help develop the rovers that will follow nasa's curiosity to the martian surface. models like these help designers brain storm concepts and identify potential problems. >> the judgidea is to get this running more smoothly here. >> reporter: novel tools like plastic blocks allow engineers to make adjustments as often as needed during the design process
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and then couraging creative out of the box thinking. even the designers of the curiosity rover use blocks to help them with design challenges. >> that's pretty smooth. >> i think i got it. >> i think with the legos the fact that you can change it so quickly allows you to develop your designs faster. it gives you very rapid turn around. you find out very quickly this is a bad idea or this is a great idea. >> reporter: brain storming with blocks can also be done in space. japanese astronauts used them to study zero gravity. >> translator: blocks give scientists a way to familiarize themselves with a design. this way the not only thinking inside their heads but also using their hands. when i was in the space station
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i also used blocks to build models of it so i could test the way things work outside of gravity. >> reporter: nasa is also working to ensure that the next generation of engineers will have the skills to build future rovers. to help develop young talent, nasa teams with industry to support an annual robotics competition geared for students from preschool through college. the students work with the same advanced computer programs as those used by nasa and high tech giants like boeing. nasa scientists offer help along the way showing the students how to use the sophisticated software to develop their own re boughts. robots. >> i wouldn't have thought i could be one of those people making the rover to go to mars
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but now i think i can. >> reporter: it could be decades before they send astronauts to mars but by combining the low tech and high tech tools they hope to develop the people and technology that can turn the mars vision into reality. david hirsh, nhk world, new york. the people at nasa aiming to make another giant leap for mankind. scientists say australia's great barrier reef has lost more than half the coral cover in the past 27 years and worn of further damage in the next decade. the australian institute of marine science released a report tuesday saying a number of reeves has gone from 100 to 47 since 1985. experts blame the rapid increase in crown of thornz star fish which eat the coral. they found that ocean warming is a major cause of coral bleaching and prevents the coral from recovering from cyclone damage and they worry that it could
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halve againy the next decade if current trends continue. >> we believe if we can take action, the crown of thorn star fish, it may leave the reef in a position that can better withstand the climactic impact. >> the great barrier reef extends more than 2,000 kilometers off the coast of northeastern australia and is a world heritage site. a gallery of japanese art has opened at an art museum in melbourne, australia. a ceremony was held on tuesday for the opening of the paulen gander gallery of japanese art named after gandel who donated her collection of japanese art. they performed a japanese ritual to celebrate the opening and the exhibits include a buddhist statue from the 8th to 12th century and a hanging scroll by an 18th century artist. it has drawings by hokusai that
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show ordinary people in the edo period from the 17th to 19th century and modern lacquerware is also on display. technology changed our daily lives over the past century and more. who can now imagine life without electric light bulbs or more recently smartphones. to answer the question of what the next technological game changer might be, we went to one of japan's largest home electronics shows. this is the inside line. >> reporter: more than 600 companies are participating in this exhibition at a site near tokyo. major japanese electronics firms such as sony and panasonic are presenting the latest products at the show that began on tuesday. visitors are taking a closeup
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look at electric vehicles and green energy products. this is what walking sticks may look like in the future. it moves with wheels, and wheels move with a sensor in here. withven slight hand pressure of my hands. major electronic device-maker murata manufacturing co developed this item with a small osaka company that specializes in devices to assist the elderly and the infirm. nearly a quarter of the japanese population is over 65 years of age. there is a growing market for products for the elderly and manufacturers are becoming increasingly innovative. >> translator: i think the senior market will expand as the number of older people increases. there's also demand in europe, the u.s. and other developed countries.
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>> reporter: this product supports the wearer's joints and muscles. this man can easily carry more than 50 kilograms. the suit-makers say they developed it to help older people working a manual job. many newer blood pressure monito contain embedded remote communication devices. this allows them to instantly transfer data to smartphones or computers. the idea is to provide up-to-the-minute information to users and their doctors. many japanese electronics manufacturers are facing their greatest-ever challenge amid declining sales. they are trying to survive by turning japan's aging society into an opportunity to meet the needs of an expanding new/old market.
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turning silver into gold. people in the philippines and in the southern islands of japan are dealing with the effects of storms nearby. >> a couple of tropical systems are hovering over the western pacific. let's talk about severe tropical storm maloxi about 200 kilometers south of iwo jima. we have reports of gusts of 100 kilometers per hour and about 15 millimeters of rain per hour and very heavy rain and strong winds here and things will get even worse as the system approaches over the next several hours or so. it looks like it will move upwards the north and past mainland japan over the next couple days. no direct impact is on the cards. it could certainly generate high
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waves and showers and strong winds into thursday. down towards the south we have another area of heavy rain over the south china sea. this is tropical storm kami hovering over the same area since yesterday and will continue to do so over the next couple of days and that means strong winds and heavy rain will prolong in the northern philippines and it will get ample moisture from the water to intensify even more. we're expecting it to become a severe tropical storm by friday morning local time and on friday it will speed up and head towards central vietnam. it could make landfall in this region by over the weekend. we'll keep you mosted on the situation. as for the rest of east asia, light showers are moving over northeastern china and more heavy rain is situated in southwestern china and much of the indochina peninsula and the heaviest rain is found in northeastern india and northern myanmar. as for japan, because of humid and cool air comes in from the
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ocean, the eastern half of the country will see glammy weather and rain showers will likely dissipate in tokyo as we head into this afternoon and temperatures will be cooling down by about 3 degrees compared to yesterday here. 25 degrees in seoul with clear conditions and down towards south 30 in hong kong and 31 in bangkok. moving into the americas then, yesterday we talked about tornado touched down in south carolina and very heavy rain pounded in much of the eastern half of the u.s. conditions are improving but the ohio valley and the eastern seaboard will continue to see a slight risk of severe weather into tonight. out west dry under the big high pressure system and we have red flag warnings posted in the northwestern corner of the u.s. that means conditions are ideal for wildfires and can then to the north we have the very problematic storm over canada behind this cold front.
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very cold air from the north so snow showers occurring in the canadian rockies and the northern rockies and we are anticipating about 30 centimeters of snow to fall in the next 24 hours. as the system moves toward the south, of course, temperatures will drop significantly in parts of the u.s. for example, in helena, montana, only seven degrees on wednesday and 15 cooler than tuesday and winnipeg 13 degrees and should be cooling down into the single digits as we head into thursday. to the south looking like mid-summer in las vegas, 37 degrees expected. here is the extended forecast.
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that wraps up this addition of "newsline." thanks for joining us.
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